September 21, 2017

halloween peyote stitch pattern

Halloween is lurking around the corner. Are you ready? We have a new peyote pattern for this holiday, available on

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September 19, 2017

peyote stitch patterns - Burberry variations or scottish tartans

Inspired of colorful scottish tartans - criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. Thousands of various patterns! 

The pair of new scottish peyote stitch patterns patterns are almost available in my Etsy shop. Check the section "Peyote Patterns" to view other designs. 

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September 16, 2017

squirrel on our balcony

Last time she stole a mosquito net from the window. Now she needs a rope :)
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July 23, 2017

stunt motorcyclists

We were at Truck Show in Tallinn this weekend. We have seen artistically designed and tuned heavy-duty vehicles and vans. The day had rich program and was packed full of action and entertaiment. Some photos of the day: 

We were excited of show with extreme stunt motorcyclists.

The strongmen lifted weights, the children watched the puppet theater, and in the evening was fireworks. The exhibition of vehicles and show was really cool!

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July 21, 2016

sunny cat

There are most people, who have a dog or a cat, or the both - I think. In our family we have a black cat. She is fluffy, curious, likes simple things like boxes and paper bags, likes to play with paper pieces and her purrs calm us down. 

But today I show a sunny cat, that was knitted with a leftover yarn - it is a toy for my little son.  

The pattern is written by Linda Dawkins and available on Ravelry.

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July 17, 2016

budding shawlettes

Here is a lovely triangular  shawlette knitted of 100% wool yarn. It is so lacy and soft. The size is 85 x 200 cm.

Another one shawl is knitted using 100% coton yarn, I used the same pattern, because it is easy to follow and fast to knit.

The pattern I've found on Ravelry, written by Joyce Yu - Budding Shawlette.

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July 14, 2016

regenerate shawl for grandma

This shawl I've knitted for my grandmother.  Made of 100% wool in beatiful her favorite color - dusty rose.

It has nupp stitch - central feature of Estonian Lace, that adds an elegant texture.

The shawl is really huge! The size is 150 x 300 cm! The shawl is very soft, warm and cozy to use in the autumn and winter time.

The pattern is written by Mary-Anne Mace and available on Ravelry for free - Regenerate Shawl.

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