May 04, 2021

Houndstooth - peyote stitch bracelet pattern


I'm excited to share the customer's photo of her awesome work! Thank you Nadia for sharing photo of your beautiful bracelet! Thank you for the kind words! 

Nadia on Apr 28, 2021
5 of 5 stars
"This pattern was super easy to follow and I received quick answers to my questions. I thought the bracelet was a little thick, and « Lariata » sent me a thinner version in no time. Thank you. Great service."

This peyote bracelet pattern is available on Etsy here: Houndstooth.
And the narrow version: Houndstooth Narrow.
For more patterns check here:

April 29, 2021

walk on Keila waterfall

I didn't take many photos because there was nothing except trees and old leaves on the ground. Oh sorry, found these pretty Anemones Hepatica: 

This day was cold and windy. The Keila waterfall in the sunshine:  


April 27, 2021

ombre iridescent peyote patterns

These patterns are similar. The "Shiny Rash" is in bright colors and I prefer to use silver lined Delica seed beads. 

And this peyote pattern "Shiny Iridescent" is designed in trend colors using opaque shine Delica seed beads. Both patterns are available in my Etsy shop:

April 24, 2021

blooming flowers - orchids & Christmas cactus

This spring I have three plants bloom at the same time. Two of them are orchids, Phalaenopsis. 

And Schlumbergera, known as Christmas cactus. 

Here are my other sweet rosebuds, especially black one:


March 11, 2021

Swirl Paisley bead bracelet peyote pattern


Thank you Lis for sharing the photos of your awesome work! The bracelet looks so beautiful! Great idea using 2 toggle clasps, they match the bracelet perfectly. 

The pattern is available on Etsy here: Swirl Paisley - bracelet peyote pattern

For more beading patterns please visit my Etsy shop

March 06, 2021

Rose Silhouette bead bracelet peyote pattern

This is Rose Silhouette in colors of 2021. Thank you Eva for sharing the photo of your awesome work! The pattern of the bracelet is available on Etsy here: Rose Silhouette

Please visit my Etsy shop for more beading patterns. 

March 02, 2021

floral - beading peyote bracelet pattern

Today's a finished bracelet. It's only 0.75" (1.8 cm) in width, an easy and quick to bead. I had really fun with beading it. 

Only 3 colors and it possible to change it as you wish. Just use the seed beads you already have. 

I really like to make a beaded toggle clasp, it's so easy to make and it fits the bracelet anyway. 

Pattern from Etsy: Crazy Floral - peyote stitch beading pattern by lariata

Please visit my Etsy shop for more beading patterns. 

February 24, 2021

Bargello Mesmerize - peyote stitch pattern

Look at these colors! The pictures don't satisfy the beauty of this design. Used matte pink and shiny gold, motley beige and turquoise Picasso beads, chocolate brown and milk-white. 

This bracelet beaded in 3 drop even-count peyote stitch technique. I like this technique because it's the easier and quicker version. 

The closure is simple, just a beaded toggle and a loop. The pattern is available in my Etsy shop: Bargello Mesmerize - peyote stitch bracelet pattern.
For more patterns, please visit  

February 18, 2021

beautiful bookmarks with beaded bead


Today I have a special post about bookmarks. As social media is growing, and everyone has a Kindle, so we read less paper books. But sometimes is great to take an old favorite book and read it again. 

Touch the paper sheets and feel the smell. Find favorite sentences and quotes, and mark these places with beautiful bookmarks.  

This time I get a custom order for the bookmarks with a beaded bead. As I like reading and beading, I made them more :) 

Beaded beads made of czech glass pearls and seed beads. The length of the bookmark is 4.5" (11.5 cm) 

How to use: simply slide the metal part of the bookmark inside the book and let the beads dangle outside. For example pretty one on a bookshelf: 

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