August 13, 2009

Butterfly of Love

That's finished gift for my dear sister to a special day in her life :) She likes this necklace very much, so I'm happy :D
Some details: peyote leaves made of transparent 11/o Toho seed beads. I was afraid that I can't bead with size like 15/o or smaller. St.Petersburg chain is also beaded. Embellished with golden butterfly (approx. 3 cm), she's flying :)
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  1. You can be happy, your Butterfly of Love is wonderful!

  2. подвеска просто великолепна! очень нежная, очень...царственная) чудо)
    you speak russian i suppose, if not, forgive me please)) the necklace is magically beautiful!

  3. Спасибо :) Русский язык мой родной :) Здесь я пытаюсь писать по-английски (наверняка грамматика хромает, вот вы меня и вычислили))), а русский блог находится в ЖЖ:


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