March 29, 2010

Haapsalu shawl, part 3

Haapsalu shawl
This ugly knitted piece is a center piece of Haapsalu shawl. If I wash and trim this knit, it will change. The lace will get a beautiful look. I think that half of work is done. Now I'm kniting a lace edge to this center piece.

Haapsalu shawl - Queen Silvia pattern
This project I was started in September, 2009 with other Estonian artists in Estonian Handmade Forum. So I'm kniting very-very slowly. Some peoples got 2..14 Haapsalu shawls at this time, I was kniting my one :)
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  1. Ükskõik kui kiiresti või aeglaselt kootud - ilus on ikkagi :)

  2. Tänan, Margit :) Ma loodan, et ma kunagi seda lõpetan ka :)


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