April 06, 2010

organize your knittings and crochetings

Photo by KnitterBag

Many thanks to Margit K. :) She has given me a reference to fantastic source: It's an ideal place for those who likes to knit or crochet. What there is remarkable? When I something knit, necessarily I do calculations, sketches, I write down the name and a thickness of a yarn, colour number (on a case if the yarn will not suffice), the name of schemes and sources. In the course of work any cunnings are born, which should be written down to take advantage of them in the future. All these notes exist at my house on the torn off leaflets, in any writing-books and on labels from a yarn which are constantly lost. And now I know that there is a useful site and all notes can be stored in one place :)
The personal page on Ravelry shares on tabs: projects (current projects - what you knit, what yarn use, what scheme, how many it is already executed and so forth, + the finished projects), something of warehouse type (it is possible to note available yarns and needles-hooks at your home), plans (what you are going to knit in the future, what date to whom, from what yarn and so forth), library (your personal schemes and books) and much more. Besides it it is possible to talk with other peoples in forums, to be connected to various groups, to exchange experience. All who like to knit or crochet, I invite to join and find me on the great source of Ravelry :)
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