April 02, 2010

stitch markers and holder

stitch markers
Fot continuation of my project I need Stitch Markers. I never made them before, so I think that the stitch markers should be small, appreciable, bright and light. I used silver plated copper wire and small (4 mm) acrylic beads in red and green. Here are 10 stitch markers I made. Then I needed something to hold them together, on a case when I do not use them. This gently curving heart keep my stitch markers together and safe:

stitch markers on a heart holder
It's cute, isn't it? :) Wish happy Valentine's Day! :D

stitch markers on a heart holder/buddyThe stitch markers are easy for removing and putting on back on the Heart Marker Holder:

stitch markers and a heart holderAnd the last photo, the set is tiny as you can see, the Heart Marker Holder measures approximately 5 cm:

stitch marker and a stitch marker holderCustom orders are welcome, if you like this set :) Just send me a message or comment this post and I will made the similar for you. Your Heart Marker Holder may vary slightly in shape, but still promises to be adorable.
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