June 07, 2010


handmade journal by Kreativling
Today is fantastic Monday's day! I have won this lovely handmade journal from Renate - Kreativling. I can't believe it! Renate named this journal "Unloved", because nobody wanted it. I really don't know why. Look! It is beautiful, unique, handmade item!

handmade journal by KreativlingI have never won something before in my life. Many thanks for Renate, you did my day today :) I will use this journal for my beadwork scetches. I love it so much and can't wait its arrival.

handmade journal by Kreativling Pin It


  1. Oh dear! Seeing you so happy makes me even more happy too! Thanks for loving "Unloved". I hope it will stand up to your expectations! :D

  2. I'm really happy! Thank you! :D

  3. :=) Tere tulemast Renate tehtud märkmikuomanike klubisse :=) Minu kaunitar -

  4. Oh, Teie märkmik on ka väga pilkupüüdev! Lausa Egiptuse kuninganna väärt :) Ma juba mõtlesin, et kui minu märkmik saab üks kord täis kirjutatud, siis kindlasti ostan uue - nüüd tean kindlalt, kus neid kõige kaunemaid leidub :)


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