August 21, 2010

crocheted doilies as coasters

crocheted doilies by Lariata Some of little doilies look like lacy pancakes :) I have crocheted them using white 100% cotton yarn. Pattern is available for free on my favorite web: I have modified last two rows a little bit. So this doily measures about 13 cm (5").

crocheted coaster by Lariata The crocheted doily can be used as a coaster or a jam-jar cover. It's pretty, isn't it?

crocheted doily as coaster One crocheted doily more:

crocheted doily by Lariata This one measures 10 cm (about 4"), used the same 100% cotton yarn. I think that coasters can be multi-colored, so joyfully change the look on any kitchen.
crocheted doily as coaster
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