May 20, 2011

freshwater pearl set

The set have a new home. It was made for Marina from Sterling silver clips with beautiful shiny freshwater pearls are comfortable for sensitive ears. They measure about 1.5 cm (0.6") long. And this amazing necklace is very-very long. There are 189 beautiful big freshwater pearls in the necklace. Pearl size is 8 mm (0.32") and the necklace measures about 160 cm (63") long. It's really long.

Used real freshwater pearls and blue zircon rondelles.

All pearls are knotted, there is a knot in between each and every pearl. That knot does a couply great things: It keeps the pearls separated slightly so they don't rub against each other and break off the outer shell. The knot also keeps your pearls safe in case you accidentally break the necklace. If the strand breaks, only one pearl falls off the strand, instead of 188 pearls rolling all over the floor!
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  1. Wonderful pearl set which is so beautiful and eye catching.Simply awesome and dazzling.Gorgeous one, I love it.


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