July 30, 2011

how to make lace earrings

Art deco inspired lace earrings. I think that lace and freshwater pearls are great partners. It's easy to do yourself :) I used lace, freshwater pearls, textile glue, earwires and some findings (chain, pins, jump rings, filigree bases). 
First step: cut out lace motifs you like. Then spread the back side and edges with fabric glue. Keep pieces flat until glue is dry. Gluing makes lace motifs more durable and less fragile.
Second step: attach earwires using round nose pliers. You can embellish earrings with beads, chains, charms as you like.

Textile glue must be transparent. If you have not textile glue, you can use white glue (PVA): mix 1 part of water to 1 part of glue (proportion 1:1), spread this mix to lace motifs and let dry. 

These earrings shown on the photos are available in my shop ArtStitch on Etsy.
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