August 24, 2011

pearl hat pin brooches

Pearl hat pins made of glass pearls in different shadows of pink - white, cream, peach, pink and magenta pink. Cute accessory to embellishing not only a hat, but even a shawl, scarf, sweater..

And this one is made of natural freshwater pearls, sewed with strong bead thread on silver plated base:

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  1. Hello:-)

    I have just come back home from holidays,so I'll be present on Your site more often:-)

    You cannot even imagine,how I love all Your delicate Creations.They are very stylish and romantic :-)By their looks ,they remind the times,when women adored to wear such subtle additions.Maybe You can cause those times to return,making such beautiful things.

  2. Halinka, thank you for the compliment! I'm glad to see you in my blog :)


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