December 23, 2011

my kitty-cat

I've tested my phone camera on the cat. Cat is worry, because he knows, that lying on the table is not good idea. But he's cute, isn't it? :) Pin It


  1. Hey there,
    First off I wanted to tell you your cat is very cute, great picture!
    second I saw your profile becuase we have mutual interests in beads and beadding and I was wondering if you ever traid beads with other beaders or sell them. please let me know!
    -xoxo thanks you

  2. Hi,
    thank you for invitation, but I don't have so much beads to change or sell them. Anyway that's a great idea, i will think about it :)

  3. Your cat is very nice! I love it! I have a cat. The name of tweezers. They call it yours? Soon I will put your photo on my blog. Come and see for yourself! Your blog is really like! Happy new year!

  4. Hi Judith, thank you for invitation :) Yes, he's my lovely cat, I have another one more, totally two cats )
    Happy New Year!


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