January 04, 2012

spread the Love

Something little and pretty - these are cute crocheted coasters with a heart shape.

The hearts can be used as home decorations or appliques sewed to clothes, bags, pillows etc.

Availbale on Etsy at ArtStitch. Pin It


  1. Heloooooooooooooo:-))
    What fantastic HEARTS!
    You have got fabulous abilities for crocheting too!
    I love those red oned,hanging on the rope,as a house decoration.They look so cute.
    All the hearts are seen at once to have been made with all Your Heart.
    You are incerdible.
    I love everything You make.All YOur art-pieces are so special.They are so delicate,sophisticated and probably have the features of Your own character and style.
    Thank You very much for all the warm impressions Your small and BIG artpieces make on me.

    from Polish Halinka,with a warm heart to You...from Sweden - to Estonia.

  2. Hi Halina,
    I'm embarrassed by your compliments *)
    Thank you!
    Greetings from Estonia :)


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