February 07, 2012

cat and child

My son and a cat are on the photo. Cats and children are great friends, I think so :) 
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  1. Hi:-)
    I was just about to miss Your post,because there was no photo on the display in my scroll bar,so of a hair's broaden,I wouldn't have realised it,but luckily,I saw it a momment ago and I can comment upon this beautiful,full of warm feelings photo:-)
    I remember,when me and my daughter had a cat,which lived for fifteen years and that cat was caressing Her the similar way,we said-'the cat is HEADING',when it did its caresses with a nose we said'-the cat is NOSING':-))
    This cat is clearly HEADING Your Son and it looks so touching.You're right-there is a some kind of 'doglike,or rather catlike bond' between the Cat and the Child.
    Warm Greetings for You All-You,YOur Son...and the Cat:-)

    1. Hi Halinka! Thank you for the warm comment :) "Heading" and "Nosing" - feels so lovely sayings! We love animals. At the next one-two years we planning to finish our house renovating and take a dog too :)


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