February 19, 2012

Great Finds: dreaming about spring

1. Floral Bobby Pins by MelashaCat 2. Romantic Roses by HansHolzkopf 
3. Rose Romance Photo by sunshineartdesign 4. Wool Button Flowers by Fairyfolk

I'm bored of the snow. It is everywhere - around my house, in a garden, on the roads, on the fields, in a forest, behind a river.. Needs sunshine, warm days and flowers. Pin It


  1. Hello:-)
    Exactly!I have the same feelings.Now something wet is falling.Resemble on snow,but melting on the ground-bleeeeeeee... :-)
    I'm also missing the warmth and the sun,that's why I've made that 'sunny' necklace with gold'Preciosa':-)
    I was just looking at Youy calla-flower earrings on Etsy:-)They are so beautiful.They improved on my mood at once:-)
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

    1. Thank you, Halinka! The winter is soooo long, I hope I still in life with the next two months, until the spring will come. I try to do more work and don't look from a window :)


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