April 10, 2012

interview with me

What a nice day today! It was sunny too. The little interview with me is published in moncy3 blog. Many thanks to Claudia! :) 

And the couple words about picture, this is a cuff bracelet beaded in peyote stitch technique. The design is based from the fabric pattern. May be I will show my dress, sewed from that fabric, later. 
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  1. I really like the pattern, wonderful cuff

  2. Hello,Jelenko:
    Fantastic interview-very good way of advertising.Very nice contents and nice jewels shown.
    This cuff is also beautiful.The fabrics must have been a perfect pattern for making it.
    Nice to see Your pretty beadweaving again:-)
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

    1. Hi Halinka! Thank you! I dream that I can do more beading, but have much work with my other job. But I still share all my beaded items, when I get them ready :)


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