June 14, 2012

children make

One day my daughter (12 years old) told me that she wants to learn some handcraft technique. I've teached her a little crocheting and knitting, she have tried embroidery and sewing too. Then she told me that she is ready to start with a doily. The pattern we get from a handcraft magazine "Minu Käsitööd", and here it is Kristina's first pink doily. The doily is crocheted of cotton thread, size approx. 13" or 34 cm.

When the doily was done, Kristina saw this beautiful white handbag in the internet and was very inspired:

We bought a wonderful cotton thread in blue color, black satin ribbon, leather handle with the wooden rings and a magnetic clasp. 

Size of handbag is 10 x 14" or 25 x 35 cm. Inside the handbag is cotton lining in blue color with the pair of pockets to hold a phone and some little items. I'm so pleased that my daughter wants to make and does so beautiful items.
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  1. Yes, that how inspiration starts! I am sure she will never stop now. I try to teach my daughter crafts and handmade stuff but she is not very interested she tells me "mom we are so different"

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Of course, different :) My daughter told me that i'm old. Children are so lovely!
      Have a nice weekend too!


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