June 30, 2012

my new pencils!

I bought watercolour pencils, they are so great! The pencils have beautiful and bright colors, make soft lines and perfectly paint with water. I'm so excited! I painted this blooming jasmine with a glass of water:

Oh, I know that jasmine blooms are white, not yellow. Unfortunately I used too much of the yellow pencil.  My only excuse that I'm not an artist, just love to draw pictures sometimes :) 
Happy weekend!


  1. Hi:-)
    I'm sorry to have removed my first comment,but I had made so many 'letter' mistakes,that I had to do it:-)

    I also have lots of them.You can make the miracles,using them instead of the classic aquacolor and thin,soft brushes.The technique is maybe a little more difficult,than using the watercolor 'buttons',but gives the astonishing effects,when used wet.I made lots of fine pictures with mine-once I bought a fine metal box with the original Van Gogh water pencils,made in Holland,which are famous for being the best in the world.
    I paint only a little now,because of beading,which takes all my time and attention,but I think of coming back to my paintings someday.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka

    1. Hi Halinka! Oh, I know about Van Gogh pencils, they are really famous in all the world! But I bought cheaper pencils, because I'm not sure if I really can draw something beautiful, because I had always a low score at drawing lessons in secondary school. Now 20 years later I waked up one day and wish to draw pictures :)

  2. wow...really nice pencil . it could create a wonderful art. . . .thanks a lot for showing it to me....keep it up . . really much appreciated...