July 22, 2012

my sunday in pics

It is 3rd week I started with a drawing. I've never draw after secondary school. Now about 18 years later  I enjoy the drawing so much :) My friend, who is artist, said me: "If you want to learn drawing, just take a pencil and draw everything you see around you. You must draw everyday!"
So I will post my pictures from time to time in my blog. Here are the strawberries from our garden:

These berries are perfect as is or with a cream. Also we made a strawberry jam:

Here is my lovely cat, he is so lazy and sleepy:

Happy sunday!


  1. Your drawings are awesome! I wish I could draw...really I make stick figures still :/

    1. Thank you Claudia! I'm sure you draw more better than you think. Just try different medias (the pencils, liners, markers or paints) and you will see that one of them is yours. I draw with my children, they like this time spent together :)

  2. All your drawing are lovely. Be with Claudia, hope I can draw things as well as you did.