May 17, 2020

Hipster Mason - peyote bracelet pattern

hipster mason peyote bracelet pattern

I'm excited to share the customer's photo of her awesome work. Thank you, Lori, for sharing the photo with me, awesome work! Thanks for the kind words!

Lori R. on May 16, 2020
5 of 5 stars
"I really love this pattern. I bought it because it looks exactly like a friend of ours - though I revised it to have red glasses because that's what he wears. So much fun - the pattern is a HUGE hit with everyone who knows him. I would say it doesn't really work as a bracelet, or you lose the effect of the pattern - so I'm probably going to sew it on to my jean jacket."

This peyote bracelet pattern is available only on Etsy here.
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