May 28, 2012

bird in a garden

This bird is looking into my window. Every day since the last week.
Does she want come in? :) 
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  1. Hi:-)
    Beautiful photo of Your everyday 'guest':-)
    Here,in Sweden the birds sing aloud starting at three o'clock morning,when I go to bed:-)The nights are white,so I cannot sleep and bead at night sometimes.I hear them sing,as I've never heard before.There are deep forests all around.They feel free and happy living in unspoiled Swedish nature.

    1. Hi Halinka! Here is nightingales, who can sing all the night. I love to hear the birds singing.
      And we have white nights too :) Sometimes when I can't sleep, I use a blindfold, you know, it is made of soft fabric and keep the eyes in darkness.
      Hugs, Jelena


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