May 27, 2012

cat and dog

Our new dog is adapted now. She knows who is a family member and who is an alian. She is friendly, clever and good guard dog.

But our cat is thinking that we don't need the dog. He says: "Return the dog to the place where you took from!" Really angry cat..
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  1. Sono due splendidi animali, ma il gatto mi sembra proprio sul piede di guerra, per il momento non gradisce affatto l'ultimo arrivato. Baci

    1. Il gatto è vecchio, vive con noi circa 8 anni. Lui non è felice con il cane. Ma spero che egli sarà adattarsi :)

  2. HELLO:
    The true Friendship needs patience.
    It takes time,but You'll see the day,when they get used to one another.Sometimes the dog-cat's friendship can be really great.One day they'll be sleeping together,playing together,maybe even eat from one bowl.Who knows.The cat feels in danger.Thinks-it's not needed anymore.There is the inner fight inside of each one.The fight for Your feelings and attention.Give all Your Heart to both.They'll appreciate with the same,because the cat ties his fate not only to the place and the dog'love is above all limits and stipulations.
    Hugs to You All:-)
    Halinka-the cats and dogs lover:-)

    1. Hi Halinka! Thank you for your kind words! I very hope that our cat and dog will be friends. The cat knows that I need him and feels that I'm kind with him, but he hates the dog. We need a time and patience. Hope that in a future I can write here, that our little friends are friends :)


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