May 15, 2012

crazy patchwork journal

This journal was made to order. The customer wished to buy a journal made of striped fabric. But unfortunately we had only a little piece of these. So we make an arrangement about journal with crazy patchwork cover. You can see there is a piece of striped fabric, that Igor sewed to the bottom of the journal. The cover is embellished with a little lace.

Filled with assorted paper: white blank paper, lined and squared paper, color paper, vintage maps and pages from old calendar. The journal is went far, far away from Europe, and it is in Hong Kong now.

And here is the feedback: "It's perfect! I like it very much, both the colour and pattern (or combination of fabric pieces) are perfect match to my mind. You are so thoughtful that I could find a strip at the bottom of the journal. Thank you!"

Thank you to all our customers, we are happy and very inspired with your positive feedbacks :)

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